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This article is about a Dutch DJ group. For the American hip hop duo, see Kris Kross.

Kris Kross Amsterdam


Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • EDM
  • house
  • trap
  • hip hop
  • R&B
  • funk
  • dancehall

Years active



Spinnin' Records





  • Jordy Huisman
  • Sander Huisman
  • Yuki Kempees

Kris Kross Amsterdam is a Dutch DJ and record producer trio from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

 The group consists of two brothers Jordy Huisman and Sander Huisman and Yuki Kempees. Their music is a mix of various music styles like R&B, hip hop, funk, soul, pop and house.The name is a deliberate nod to the famous rap duo Kris Kross from the early '90s, known for their hit single "Jump".



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Kris Kross Amsterdam was formed as a duo in 2011 by brothers Jordy and Sander Huisman.

Besides the Amsterdam events, Kris Kross Amsterdam is known as a performing trio since 2014, including Yuki Kempees as their MC. The group is known for their varied sound and music production.

In the summer of 2014, Yuki Kempees joined the group as their MC, completing Kris Kross Amsterdam as a performance and DJ collective.

In June 2015, after signing to Spinnin' Records, the group released their debut single "Until the Morning" with MC CHOCO.

In February 2016, the group returned to Spinnin' Records and released their first international single "Sex" with American electronic music trio Cheat Codes, which samples the chorus from "Let's Talk About Sex".

 The single peaked at number 2 in the Netherlands, 25 in Flanders, 30 in Wallonia, 124 in France, 14 in Germany, 24 in Portugal, 3 in Denmark, 37 in Italy and number 9 in the United Kingdom.Meanwhile, the group continues their Amsterdam club events and hosts their own area at Dutch dance festival Mysteryland, including a guest performance by DJ Jazzy Jeff.


In 2015 the trio released their debut single ‘Until The Morning’ with CHOCO, which has proved to be a huge hit, with a million Spotify plays and YouTube views. However these accomplisments faded away with the release of their following smash hit.

Follow-up ‘SEX’ with Los Angeles outfit Cheat Codes exceeded lofty expectations once again, flipping Salt-N-Pepa’s classic ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ on its head in a tropical R&B style. This anthem picked up over 370 million plays on Spotify alone and more than 70 million views on YouTube, breaking all the records. ‘SEX’ dominated the charts from Europe to Russia, aired on major radio stations like Kiss FM and Capita, reached Top 10 on the Billboard Hot Electronic & Dance Chart and the Spotify Chart top 20 in over 20 countries, and went platinum in multiple countries such as Holland and Sweden to name a few. It was the introduction of Kris Kross Amsterdam to the entire world.

Their success resulted in multiple gigs last Summer including clubs on Ibiza and Moscow and big festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Festival, Tomorrowland in Belgium and Exit Festival in Serbia.

In December 2016 Kris Kross Amsterdam celebrated their fifth anniversary, hosting a massive party in their city Amsterdam. As cherry on top of their big milestone their ‘5 Years’ documentary was released. Five years of parties, wild stories and highlights, all documented captured in this documentary. A sneak peek into their hectic new life.

Straight after their anniversary the trio continued with the release of their new single ‘Are You Sure?’, a collaboration with the UK popstar Conor Maynard and US hip-hop artist Ty Dolla $ign. In a short time their new hit already surpassed the 15 million streams and it still is on high speed. It should be clear: five years Kris Kross Amsterdam is only the beginning!

In 2017 the DJ's released their new single 'Gone Is The Night' with the vocals of Mexican singer Jorge Blanco.