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John Hiatt

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John Hiatt (Indianapolis, 20 augustus 1952) is een Amerikaanse singer-songwriter.

John Hiatt begon zijn solocarrière in 1974. Hij beoefende een groot aantal stijlen, van rock and roll tot New Wave en folk. Hij schreef veel songs voor andere artiesten. In Nederland brak hij door met de plaat Bring the Family (1987). Daarop volgen Slow Turning (1988), Stolen Moments (1990), en Perfectly Good Guitar (1993). In het najaar van 2007 kwam Hiatt naar Nederland voor een viertal solo concerten. In 2008 komt de plaat Same Old Man uit



Album(s) met hitnoteringen in
de Nederlandse Album Top 20/50/75/100
Datum van
Datum van
Hangin' around the observatory1974-   
Slug line1979-   
Two bit monsters1980-   
All of a sudden1982-   
Riding with the king1983-   
Warming up the ice age198526-01-1985326 
Bring the family198713-07-19873231 
Slow turning198810-09-19882139 
Y'all Caught? - The ones that got away 1979-1985198921-10-1989645Verzamelalbum
Stolen moments199030-06-19901313 
Little village199229-02-19921110als Little Village met Nick Lowe, Ry Cooder & Jim Keltner
Perfectly good guitar199311-09-19932121 
Hiatt comes alive at Buddokan?1994-  met The Guilty Dogs
Walk on199521-10-19953212 
Little head199705-07-1997594 
Crossing Muddy Waters200014-10-2000517 
The Tiki bar is open2001-   
Beneath this gruff exterior200314-06-2003961met The Goners
It'll come to you: The songs of John Hiatt2003-  Cover versies van John Hiatt
Master of disaster200509-07-2005783 
Live from Austin, TX2005-   
Same old man200831-05-2008723 
The open road05-03-201006-03-2010623 
Album(s) met hitnoteringen in
de Vlaamse Ultratop 50/100
Datum van
Datum van
Walk on199528-10-1995106 
Little head199705-07-1997383 
The best of John Hiatt199805-09-1998415Verzamelalbum
Crossing Muddy Waters200028-10-2000342 
The Tiki bar is open200129-09-2001471 


Single(s) met hitnoteringen in
de Nederlandse Top 40
Datum van
Datum van
Radio girl197928-07-1979tip21- 
Georgia Rae198914-01-1989tip7- 
Have a little faith in me198901-04-1989117 
Bring back your love to me199028-07-1990tip14- 
Cross my fingers199311-09-1993tip17- 

Tracklist Albums

  • Stolen Moments, A&M Records, 1990.
  1. Real Fine Love
  2. Seven Little Indians
  3. Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder
  4. Back Of My Mind
  5. Stolen Moments
  6. Bring Back Your Love To Me
  7. The Rest Of The Dream
  8. Thirty Years Of Tears
  9. Rock Back Billy
  10. Listening To Old Voices
  11. Through Your Hands
  12. One Kiss
  • Little Village, (supergroup with Nick Lowe, Ry Cooder, and Jim Keltner), Reprise Records, 1992.
  1. Solar Sex Panel
  2. The Action
  3. Inside Job
  4. Big Love
  5. Take Another Look
  6. Do You Want My Job
  7. Don't Go Away Mad
  8. Fool Who Knows
  9. She Runs Hot
  10. Don't Think About Her When You're Trying To Drive
  11. Don't Bug Me Whil I'm Working
  • Perfectly Good Guitar, A&M Records, 1993.
  1. Something Wild
  2. Straight Outta Time
  3. Perfectly Good Guitar
  4. Buffalo River Home
  5. Angel
  6. Blue Telescope
  7. Cross My Fingers
  8. Old Habits Are Hard To Break
  9. The Wreck Of a Barbie Ferrari
  10. When You Hold Me Tight
  11. Permanent Hurt
  12. Loving A Hurricane
  • Hiatt Comes Alive at Buddokan? A&M Records, 1994.
  1. Through Your Hands
  2. Real Fine Love
  3. Memphis In The Mean Time
  4. Icy Blue Heart
  5. Paper Thin
  6. Angel Eyes
  7. Your Dad Did
  8. Have A Little Faith In Me
  9. Drive South
  10. Thing Called Love
  11. Perfectly Good Guitar
  12. Feels Like Rain
  13. Tennessee Plates
  14. Lipstick Sunset
  15. Slow Turning
  • Walk On, Capitol Records, 1995.
  1. Cry Love
  2. You Must Go
  3. Walk On
  4. Good As She Could Be
  5. The River Knows Your Name
  6. Native Son
  7. Dust Down A Country Road
  8. Ethylene
  9. I Can't Wait
  10. Shredding The Document
  11. Wrote It Down And Burned It
  12. Your Love Is My Rest
  13. Friend of Mine
  • Little Head, Capitol Records, 1997.
  1. Little Head
  2. Pirate Radio
  3. My Sweet Girl
  4. Feelin' Again
  5. Graduated
  6. Sure Pinocchio
  7. Runaway
  8. Woman Sawed In Half
  9. Far As We Go
  10. After All This Time
  • Crossing Muddy Waters, Vanguard Records, 2000.
  1. Lincoln Town
  2. Crossing Muddy Waters
  3. What Do We Do Now
  4. Only The Song Survives
  5. Lift Up Every Stone
  6. Take It Down
  7. Gone
  8. Take It Back
  9. Mr. Stanley
  10. God's Golden Eyes
  11. Before I Go
  • The Tiki Bar is Open, Vanguard Records, 2001.
  1. Everybody Went Low
  2. Hangin' Around Here
  3. All The Lilacs In Ohio
  4. My Old Friend
  5. I Know A Place
  6. Something Broken
  7. Rock Of Your Love
  8. I'll Never Get Over You
  9. The Tiki Bar Is Open
  10. Come Home To You
  11. Farther Stars
  • Beneath This Gruff Exterior, New West Records, 2003.
  1. Uncommon Connection
  2. How Bad's The Coffee
  3. Nagging Dark
  4. My Baby Blue
  5. My Dog And Me
  6. Almost Fed Up With The Blues
  7. Circle Back
  8. Window On The World
  9. Missing Pieces
  10. Fly Back Home
  11. The Last Time
  12. The Most Unoriginal Sin
  • It'll Come to You: The Songs of John Hiatt (compilation of cover versions of John Hiatt songs), Vanguard Records, 2003.
  1. Bonnie Raitt - Thing Called Love
  2. Willie Nelson - The Most Unoriginal Sin
  3. Rodney Crowell - She Loves The Jerk
  4. Rosanne Cash - The Way We Make A Broken Heart
  5. Linda Ronstadt - When We Ran
  6. B.B. King & Eric Clapton - Riding With The King
  7. Emmylou Harris - Icy Blue Heart
  8. Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit - She Don't Love Nobody
  9. Freddy Fender - Across The Borderline
  10. Buddy Guy - Feels Like Rain
  11. Patty Griffin - Take It Down
  12. Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise - It'll Come To You
  13. Buddy & Julie Miller - Paper Thin
  • Master of Disaster, New West Records, 2005.
  1. Master of Disaster
  2. Howlin' Down The Cumberland
  3. Thunderbird
  4. Wintertime Blues
  5. When My Love Crosses Over
  6. Love's Not Where We Thought We Left It
  7. Ain't Ever Goin' Back
  8. Cold River
  9. Find You At Last
  10. Old School
  11. Back On The Corner
  • Live From Austin, TX, New West Records, 2005
  1. Icy Blue Heart
  2. Loving a Hurricane
  3. When You Hold Me Tight
  4. Your Dad Did
  5. Straight Outta Time
  6. Memphis in the Meantime
  7. Something Wild
  8. Have a Little Faith in Me
  9. Buffalo River Home
  10. Thing Called Love
  11. Angel
  12. Tennessee Plates
  13. Slow Turning
  14. Perfectly Good Guitar