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Alix Perez

Alix Perez is a Drum n Bass DJ and Producer originally from Charleroi, Belgium but is currently based in North London. At just 22 years of age, Alix is known on the Drum and Bass scene for his liquid funk sound. Alix already has forthcoming and current releases on established labels such as Liquid V, Bassbin, Creative Source, Horizons, Progress, Brigand, Shogun Ltd and Fokuz.

Alix started to DJ at the age of 14 and progressed into production at 17, collaborating with other hotly tipped artists such as Jenna G, Redeyes, Sabre and Specific. His inspirations include artists such as Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Ill logic and Raf, Artificial Intelligence and D Bridge.

Now represented by Coda, he regularly plays out in London and around Europe. He describes his DJing style as "eclectic. I play generally deep but dip into various aspects of drum & bass. I like to read the crowd and let the music breathe. I find mixing in the right musical keys essential. I basically see it as a journey."

Alix Perez's tunes are played regularly on radio shows such as BBC 1Xtra and he has been doing many mixes for radio and podcast. He receives support from respected DJs and producers such as Bailey, Fabio and Bryan Gee.

Alix has also been featured in popular Drum and Bass magazines and has recently been on the cover of ATM Magazine in a feature on the "Leaders of the Nu Skool" in the drum and bass genre. He has had coverage in Knowledge Magazine, London-based dance music magazine One Week To Live, and regularly has his releases reviewed by DJ, Mixmag, Knowledge and ATM.


Triple Soul - Dub Focus - Touchin Down production 003 (2005)

Alix Perez + Physics - Sound For The Masses - Fokuz 19 (2005)

Alix Perez + FX909 - Get It On - Strictly Digital (2005)

Triple Soul - Jazz Lick - Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 1 (2005)

Alix Perez- Sorrow - Shogun Audio (2006)

Alix Perez- All Alone - Spearhead Records (2006)

Alix Perez- Calypso - Horizons Music (2006)

Alix Perez feat. MC Fats - Down The Line - Shogun Audio (2006)

Alix Perez + Sabre - Recession - Progress (2006)

Alix Perez - Dubrock - Horizons Music 007 (2006)

Alix Perez + Specific - Love Bug - Horizons Music 007 (2006)

Alix Perez + Specific - Drive By - Progress (2006)

Alix Perez - Leave The Dread - Progress (2006))

Alix Perez + Specific - Just Memories - Horizons Music 012 (2006)

Alix Perez - Under My Skin - Horizons Music 012 (2006)

Alix Perez - Illusions - Lucky Devil Music (2006)

Alix Perez - Magnolias - Bassbin (2006)

Alix Perez - Backlash - Bassbin (2006)

Alix Perez + Specific - Side to Side - Brigand (2006)

Alix Perez + Sabre - Solitary Native - Shogun Ltd (2007)

Alix Perez + Redeyes - Watching You - Prestige Music (2007)

Alix Perez + Redeyes - Clone 1001 - Bingo Beats (2007)

Alix Perez + Youthman - Promise Land - Step Express Recordings (2007)

Alix Perez - Morning Sun - Creative Source (2007)

Alix Perez - Playing Tricks - Creative Source (2007)