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Afro Bros kaarten

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Er zijn op dit moment geen aankomende concerten en/of evenementen van Afro Bros beschikbaar.

Bekijk de volledige Afro Bros historie.

artiest informatie

Giordano Ashruf & Rashid Badloe better known as the “Afro Bros” are a DJ duo based in The Netherlands who recently signed to Spinnin’ Records.

They are family related and their musical journey began in 2006 working for nightclubs promoting parties and that is where they came in touch with different kinds of music. After A while they asked themselves the question: Why aren’t we standing in the dj booth?!

From that moment on they decided to perform together combining their skills, energy and love for playing and producing music. This produced a duo who where well known for there unique drums en combining tropical sounds with different styles of music. They never stopped and kept on pushing to accomplish their goals. It wasn’t long before they were playing in all the clubs and big festivals within The Netherlands.

Famous for playing various music genres like: latin house, afro house, moombahton, house and urban. They quickly began experimenting with there own productions and in 2010 they had there first commercial succes with the song “Dubbelfriss” which became a huge hit. From that moment on they produced and released more singles, remixes and bootlegs resulting in millions of streams and downloads worldwide. Even being supported by international artist like Major Lazer, Diplo, DJ Chuckie, Hardwell, en Carnage. Performing in countries all over Europe, Africa, Asia and South-America.

After 5 years of performing all over the world they decided to do something different and in 2016 released a Dutch track called “18+”.

This urbansong with an extremely catchy melody synth started as a joke for the duo but began to mutate in a huge international hit. This unique sound immediately got picked up by the national and international music communities all over the world even becoming a number one hit in Panama. Catching the attention of Spinnin’ Records the worlds biggest dancelabel resulting in an exclusive worldwide record deal.

Cooperated with producer “Boaz van de beatz” they produced the song called “Energie” a single from Ronnie Flex what became a number one hit in the Netherlands. Armed with A record deal, there unique drums, and 10 years of performing experience these two young men are ready to conquer the world with there music. With there first release on Spinnin’ Records out soon!