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Adam Kowalczyk kaarten

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Adam Kowalczyk

Adam Kowalczyk is a touring rhythm guitarist with the band Live. His brother is Ed Kowalczyk, the lead singer and guitarist of Live. He has led two of his own bands, Portion and Adam and the Weight, but both have broken up. Kowalczyk still plays some shows of his own at smaller venues across the country. In 2005 he released an LP of his own material titled The Dream EP.



Album CoverAlbum TitleTracks
N/ALooking Up from the Ground (2003)
  1. "Come Undone"
  2. "Look Forward"
  3. "Never Good at Fighting"
  4. "A Growing Voice" (featuring Ed Kowalczyk)
  5. "The Ocean"
  6. "I Lied"
  7. "About Today"
  8. "God Love the Lazy"
  9. "Let's Not Wait"
  10. "Wonder If I Could"
  11. "Child in Need"
  12. Untitled
N/AAdam and the Weight (2003)
  1. "The Ocean"
  2. "Never Good at Fighting"
  3. "Child in Need"
  4. "Light of Memory"
  5. "I Look Forward"
  6. "Come Undone"
  7. "A Growing Voice" (featuring Ed Kowalczyk)
  8. "I Lied"
  9. "Let's Not Wait"
  10. "The Ocean "
N/AThe Dream EP (2005)
  1. "Sitting in New York"
  2. "Conversations"
  3. "All Night"
  4. "The Dream"
  5. "Love Me Goodbye"
  6. "Interlude"
  7. "For the One"
  8. "Onto Something"
  9. "This Could Be the Big One"
  10. "Glory"
  11. "Heart on Your Sleeve"
  12. Untitled